Bashkim Paçuku, Tenor
From the Albanian Songbook Album

With Albanian Radio Television Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by: Maestro Ferdinand Deda and Maestro Eno Koço
Recorded at the age of twenty four - a prima vista - at first sight


1. Romance: In the time of its fury.
Romansë: Në zaman t'njasaj furie.

2. Song: Oh poor nightingale.
Këngë: O bilbil o more i mjerë

3. Song: Poor me, oh blooming rose.
Këngë: As aman, o trandafili çelës.

4. Song: Our town's spring water, crystal clear.
Këngë: Kroi i fshatit tonë, ujë i kulluar.

5. Song: Blossom you flowers, blossom
Këngë: Çelni ju lule, çelni.

6. Humoresque: Hm, what are you looking for oh poor old man?!
Humoreskë: E po ç'kërkon o i mjeri plak?!

7. Song: Poet of the mountains.
Këngë: Poeti i maleve

8. Song: April arrived, the snow melted on the tops...
Këngë: Hyri Prilli, shkriu bora majave...

9. Loni's aria from the Operetta, "Korça Carnivals"
Aria e Lonit nga Operetta, "Karnevalet e Korçës."

10. Ballad: Let's stop and talk o mountain lion
Balladë: Ndalu që të flasim o luan i malit.

EDITOR'S NOTE: All of the recordings featured in this album are taken from the live performances of tenor Bashkim Paçuku. A vast number of the original recordings were destroyed by those in the Balkans who wanted to silence this great voice forever, so attempting to erase his impact on the singing art achievements. It has been a long and hard struggle to recover them again. Nevertheless, thank God for some friendly journalists attending his various performances who, using simple recording equipment, rescued these great pieces written by the world's most celebrated composers where Bashkim's voice is shining indeed.



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